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Video roulette – Pros and cons, and where to play?

Video roulette is arguably the most popular form of roulette today, and you can find it in many online casinos as the Internet is its natural medium, but it can also be found in many forms in land-based casinos.

Video roulette is actually a physical machine in a land-based casino, though the term now also loosely describes any automated roulette, even online, there are some notable roulette versions that can not be called video roulette. Let’s dive in and see what video roulette is and where to play it.

What is video roulette?

The most obvious distinction of video roulette is that it isn’t played on a physical roulette table. Sometimes people think that electronic roulette – a physical wheel with separate electronic consoles for each player – is video roulette, but in fact, it’s not. Any roulette that uses a physical wheel in any form can’t be called video roulette, even if the wheel is operated automatically and not by a live dealer. If it has a wheel, it’s not video. Take a look at major roulette game variations.

Advantages of video roulette

The biggest advantage of video roulette is actually enjoyed by the casino, as they don’t have overhead costs that for table roulette include the table, the dealer, the room and other expenses while only being able to accept several players at one table. With video roulette, casinos can offer the same game to thousands of players using only a small piece of software.

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Players get the advantage of accelerated play, as spins are much faster in video roulette than they are in table roulette since the physical process of collecting chips is absent. There is also an important element of security as you can play from the privacy of your own home and no one will know how much you won, and the randomness of the Random Number Generator (RNG) protects the player from any kind of rigging. Some people prefer this randomness while others choose to stay away as they feel it’s going against them.

Disadvantages of video roulette

One could say that everything that’s an advantage of video roulette is also a disadvantage, and how you look at it makes the difference.

For example, while video roulette provides security and privacy, that becomes a disadvantage if you’re a social player who enjoys the company of other people and the night out in a land-based casino. Likewise, while video roulette is totally random, some players feel that precisely that takes away their chances to predict the outcome of the next spin.

The biggest disadvantage of video roulette is that it will get repetitive. You can stare at the screen for several hours without any other entertainment on the side such as chatter, drinks or the overall atmosphere – all of which you get in a real casino – and some players just get bored and avoid video poker because of that.

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If there are any animations in video roulette, they will undoubtedly become repetitive and annoying, as they can’t even come close to the real thing – the actual ball and the actual wheel. Sound is also always the same, while in reality, it is not.

Video roulette versions

As video roulette is a blanket term that describes any game in which no physical wheel is present, but the illusion of its existence is created by video technology, there is numerous version of the game that all fall under the same category.

For example, there can be American roulette or European roulette, there can be faster or slower games, with lower or higher limits, some only have inside and outside bets, while others will have race track bets (orphelins, zero game, etc.) and these, will all make a huge difference as it can be hardly even called the same game. Also, some tables have different payouts, and that’s why it’s important to always check the paytable for every single roulette you ever wager money on.

One of the advantages of video roulette is that you can easily place complex bets, whereas in real life it’s a bit difficult to cover the numbers with dozens of bets. Some video poker games don’t make this any easier though, while some others will offer a one-click bet on orphalins and other complex bets, or will offer you a chance to play your last bet again, saving you a lot of effort.

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Video Roulette by Playtech

Playtech created a game that uses the same words – video roulette – as the generic version, but when you say you’re playing Video Roulette by Playtech you’re playing a specific product by a company. Video Roulette is an automated RNG roulette that generates outcomes of spins randomly using the software, but there are recorded videos of the wheel and the dealer that appear while you’re playing the game.

This is a European roulette game with a single zero, and players really enjoy the 1.35% house edge created by the “la partage” rule under which you only lose half of your bet if the ball lands on zero. Also, this version of roulette is perfect for high rollers as it allows huge bets, up to $250,000. It’s easy to place all inside and outside bets on this console, so Video Roulette is an almost perfect roulette game and is a favorite of many players worldwide.

You’ll find the game in reputable Playtech-powered casinos such as Genesis and MrGreen.