Shaun Roulette Strategy

Shaun Roulette Strategy is an extremely attractive and easy system to use on roulette. Everybody knows that the more numbers on the roulette table you bet on, the bigger the chance is that you will land on a winning number. Using Shaun Roulette Strategy, you have a 9:1 chance of winning. This means you will win 9 times out of 10 roulette spins.

How to play using Shaun Roulette Strategy?

As previously mentioned Shaun Roulette Strategy is a very easy system to use. However, you need to be cautious when placing your tokens on the roulette table numbers. The Classic European roulette has 37 numbers (the American roulette has 38 numbers because of the double zero). When using the Shaun system, you will notice that almost all numbers will bring you profit. You can lose only in situations where certain 4 numbers land on the table. However, the chances of this happening are little to none. 9:1 chance of winning, remember?

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Shaun Roulette Strategy requires a bet of 66 tokens in every roulette spin. 66 tokens can be for example $6.60, $66 or even $660. The value of the tokens can vary according to how much you are willing to bet. For example, 1 token can have a value of $0.10, $1 or $10 as the above example stipulates.

Where to place the tokens on the roulette table?

In order to use Shaun Roulette Strategy the right way, you need to place 66 tokens on exact predetermined spots on the roulette table:

• 36 tokens on red color.
• 4 tokens on each of the following split bets – 0 and 2; 8 and 11; 10 and 13; 17 and 20; 26 and 29; 28 and 31. (Please keep in mind that these are not straight bets. The token must be placed in between those numbers listed above. If you do not understand this bet, please refer to the roulette rules.)
• 2 tokens each on the following numbers (straight bets) – 4, 15 and 22.

On the image below you can see a complete view of Shaun Roulette Strategy.


Can I lose when using Shaun Roulette Strategy?

Shaun Roulette Strategy is a system designed to bring you small but regular profits. As you can see from the example above, almost all the numbers are covered with tokens. The only chance of you losing is if the roulette ball lands on the following numbers – 6, 24, 33 and 35. The chance of these numbers to land on the roulette is presumably very low. After every successful spin, your winning will be equal to 6 tokens or almost 10% of the original stake.

To conclude, we at RouletteTrip are confident that Shaun Roulette Strategy is a very effective and winning roulette system. The strategy can be used by both seasoned roulette players and by the ones with little or no experience. By using it, you greatly increase your chances of winning and thus increasing your initial capital. Our team recommends that you put limits on your winnings and losings. When you reach those limits, you can finish your session and try another of our successful roulette strategies.

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