Reverse Martingale System

Reverse Martingale System – Can it work and how to win?

While many people bet for entertainment, others treat it as a way of making a fortune. For these players, they are out to use the most effective betting system and strategies to be sure of a win. But do all the methods out there guarantee them a win? May be yes or maybe not.

Reverse Martingale System is one of the betting strategies that many roulette players have been using. The strategy has been in existence since the 16th Century. While many players cite the close similarity of this strategy with the Paroli Roulette System, there exist almost negligible differences. We shall be looking at the strategy as we try to draw a line between it and the Paroli system.

Some familiar games that can be played using this strategy include blackjack, basset, sic bo, and craps.

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How to Use the Reverse Martingale System in the Casino?

You must know how to use the strategy to make the best out of it. In the course of playing, you are advised to avoid the color bets and go for Straight up and the Corner bets. Once you select one of the two recommended above, you can follow the below process to use the strategy and win:

  • Determine the initial stake

Just like in the Paroli system, you have to come up with the smallest amount of money that you will place as your base amount. This is the amount you will always get back to in case things go south in your run for big profits.

  • Doubling the stake after every win

When you place your first bet and make something out of it, you should place the new amount won. This is a total of the initial stake and the won amount. Upon winning with the new stake, continue with the third one, fourth round, and fifth-round until you feel contented with the winning.

  • Get Back to base stake after a loss

I hope you still remember that we are gambling, and any of the two possible outcomes can happen. Assuming you lost all the amount after playing various rounds, what do you do? Now, this is the time to go back to the base stake and start accumulating another amount.

The sad part about this is that you will lose all the amount you had accumulated. And you get back to the starting point with your base stake.

  • Fix the time in the roulette

No one will ever set your time when playing on the Reverse Martingale System. You are the person to keep a check on yourself and know when you will quit. If you want to set the time at the 9th progression, well and good, you will go home with your money a happy gambler if you have not lost so far. If you lost on the way, then you start over again and leave with the results in the 9th round.

What are the Merits of Playing on the reverse Martingale System?

There are several advantages that the Reverse Martingale roulette strategy brings you when you play on it. Some of these include;

  • Boosted profits

When you play continuously on the roulette using this strategy, you are likely to enjoy huge profits. The reason is that the streaks of winning are doubled every time. When you place a bet and win, you will place the whole amount won in that spin. Progressively, you can place the second stake and win by double, and this continues to the maximum number of times you chose. If you succeed without losses, you get a significant profit margin.

  • Mitigated loss

Well, although the loss at the Reverse Martingale System is significant when it happens, you will not have a high chance of losing your own money in the game. Remember that you are playing on the smallest amount of base stake. As much as you are losing at the end of it all, you are losing the amount you won in the same casino and not your money.

What are the Demerits of Playing on the reverse Martingale?

When you play on this strategy, you are likely to experience the following drawbacks;

  • High loss chances

When you play progressively and attain a good profit, say you started with $20, and during the fifth winning spin, you have accumulated $320. This is a significant profit. But what if you place the whole $320 and lose everything this time around? Well, you will have lost everything, including your initial stake.

  • No effect on the house edge

Many roulettes playing systems and strategies have always come in the name of changing the house edge. In real sense, this does not happen. Eventually, the casino game still favors the casino, and you end up with minimal or no profit in the long run.

What is Difference between Paroli Roulette System and Reverse Martingale System?

The line between Paroli and Reverse Martingale is very thin. For that matter, many people have confused the two and said they are synonymous. However, these are the minor differences between the two:

  • While the Paroli strategy is concerned about getting back to the base stake after three consecutive wins or a loss, the Reverse Martingale is concerned about even bets only.
  • The Reverse Martingale says that you should bet on a single thing until you win before you go to the next thing. However, the Paroli advises you to bet and go to the next up to a maximum of three progressive winnings before you get back to base stake.

Is it Advisable to Play on the basics of Reverse Martingale System?

Well, the reverse Martingale is not the best if you want to keep some profit to yourself. Taking a real case, assuming you placed a base stake of $10 and played up to the fifth spin and accumulated $160. However, you lost the 6th spin and, apparently, the amount. This implies that you have spent all that time to play winning streaks that landed you back to zero. In fact, you lost your base stake, and you have to restart from $10 again. This implies you can walk away out of the casino with zero winnings.


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