Paroli Roulette System

Paroli Roulette System – Pros and cons, and how to play.

How do you ensure a win when playing in the casino? Do you have a preferred method to use to ensure that you stand a better chance to improve your profits? Well, many players have their ways to get the best out of roulette and other casino tables. But, you could try using the Paroli Roulette System and see the outcome.

Paroli roulette system is a positive and progressive bet system. It gives you a high chance of increasing your profits by reaping from the streaks of winning in the casino. The system was used in Mecca 100 years ago. Since then, it has gained immense popularity in the casino arena.

What is the Purpose of the Paroli Roulette System?

Paroli Roulette System serves you in two ways. These include;

  • Consistent generation of small wins over a long time
  • To reduce or altogether avoid the risk of a significant loss at once

How do you use the Paroli Roulette System?

The Paroli system is used in various casino games. These include craps, roulette and baccarat among others. Despite these, the system is also used on other bets on sports that involve real money wagering. Looking for a guide on how to use the system? It’s easy as it involves modifying your chances following some easy rules. These include:

  • Decide the amount of base stake

Deciding your base stake amount is the first thing to start using the system. Before making the decision, think about the amount in your bankroll fist. If you are a pro with more than $20,000, you can set the base stake at $100 or $200. But if you have $1000 in the roll, you should settle for around $10 or $50.

  • Double the base stake after a win

If your initial base stake gives you a win, you should now double it up. If you had placed $5 initially and won, make it $10 and play again. The doubling activity should be progressive. Assuming that you got $10 from your base stake, you should then proceed to place a stake of $20, and if you win, you make it to $40.


  • Stop doubling after three wins consecutively

The Paroli system states that you should stop doubling your stake if you win for three consecutive wins. Instead of the usual doubling, you should go back to the initial stake you started with and create another doubling pace.

  • Resume to the base stake after a loss

In the course of playing your regular game, there is a probability of either losing or winning. If you lose, you should go back to your base stake. This is the amount you set as the smallest amount of bet to place.

This is easy, right? The main target is to collect those winnings for three consecutive times and get back to the base stake. You will realize that your combined losses are minimal compared to your winnings.

What are the Advantages of the Paroli Roulette System?

Having used the Paroli Roulette system for a while now, I’m sure you have seen various positives about it. To understand its full merits, let’s focus on them in this section;

  • It is simple

The Paroli system is not complicated in any way. You don’t need a whole decade to learn and master. All you need is to use it for the first time, and the sequence flows smoothly.

  • Easy implementation

After successfully learning the system, implementing it is quite easy. You only need to learn the implementation basics, and that’s all. The most important thing is to determine the rules, and your winnings will be consistent while you experience minor losses.

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  • You won’t suffer major losses

We have seen that you keep getting back to the base stake when you lose or make three consecutive wins. This means after three times of winning or one loss, you will get back to your little base stake. Even if you lose, the amount will be bearable.

Disadvantages of the Paroli System

As much as the Paroli system has all the goodies you would wish to hear, it has some shortcomings as well. These include:

  • Generates small profits

Do you still remember that you will have three progressions and get back to the base stake? This implies that your profit is fixed since you will go back to the lowest stake after three wins. Again, whenever you lose, you will be forced to go back to base stake. This limits the potential profits.

  • It’s not always up to aiding you to win

Since the Paroli system will not always assist you to come up with wins, it rarely influences the house edge in whatever the way. Paroli system only serves to help you structurally use your money.

  • Drains your account

There are high chances of the Paroli Roulette System leading to a quick loss of money from your account. The reason is that you will mostly end up in a situation of winning, losing, winning, and losing once again.

Using the Paroli Roulette System in a Casino

To use the Paroli system, you should first notify the croupier. Report to him/her on the number of progressions you wish to do. This is crucial to enable the croupier identify you as the owner of the layout.

Assuming that you place a bet of a single chip in roulette and it turns out black, you will get two chips in total. During the second progression, you will bet with two chips, and upon a win, you will get four chips. An extra third win will leave with eight chips, and the system continues.

In case you lose at one of the progressions, there no need to worry since you are playing on already won chips. Remember, you will get back to the base stake after this loss.

Is it advisable to use the Paroli System in Casino Bets?

The Paroli Roulette System is an excellent way of betting when you wish to check on your finances. The system allows you to keep an eye on the way you use your money. Thus, if you want to use the funds in a structured way, then the Paroli Roulette System is the way to go.


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