Parlay Roulette Strategy

Parlay roulette strategy or also known as reverse Martingale is one of the oldest known systems that people use when playing the roulette. Its origins can be traced back to the 16th Century when rich people had fun exploiting this game strategy in their attempts to outsmart the casino.

The term “Parlay” means accumulator bet or combo bet and is widely used in all kinds of sports betting. Over the years, many players used parlay strategy when playing different games like baccarat and blackjack. However, the parlay system found its place among the roulette players.

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How to play Parlay roulette strategy?

Parlay roulette strategy is a positive progressive betting system. When using this particular strategy, it is very important to remember that you double the stake you bet every time you land a winning roulette spin. However, when a losing spin lands you must start over with your original bet size.

The system is based on on the so-called ‘even money bets’- 1-18/19-36; black/red; odd/even where every bet has a chance to win of approximately 50%. (if you do not understand these odds we recommend that you become acquainted with the roulette rules).

It is very important to determine the original bet size that you will start with before you begin using Parlay roulette strategy in your roulette game. It is also essential to set a limit on your winnings. When you reach this limit, you must stop or try a different roulette strategy. Our team has prepared for you an example below, which perfectly demonstrates how this strategy works. The example involves a starting bet size of $10.

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The example:

For this example, we hypothetically say that the aim is to win $150 by using this strategy. Let us say that your original bet size will be $10. You choose to bet on the color black on the roulette table. The roulette session begins, and the following happens:

• You bet $10 on black – number 22 black lands, and you win.
• You then bet $20 on black – number 4 black lands, and you win again.
• You then bet $40 on black – number 26 black lands and you win again.
• You then bet $80 on black – number 35 black lands and you win again.
• You end the game with a profit of $10+$20+$40+$80 = $150 profit. You take back as well the $10 from your original bet.

On the picture below you can see the fourth and last step of Parlay roulette strategy example!


This is just an example which helps you to understand how Parlay roulette strategy works. The hypothetical scenario is unlikely to happen from the first time. However, you will be pleasantly surprised how many times in a row you can hit red or black numbers to hit your profit target. Remember that no matter what stage you are on when using this strategy if you lose you come back to the initial stake of $10.

Pros and Cons of Parlay roulette strategy

One of the main advantages of Parlay roulette strategy is that when you hit a losing spin you only lose the amount of the initial stake. This makes many players choose this roulette strategy over Martingale, where a streak of 7,8 or more losing spins will bring you significant losses.

Parlay roulette strategy is a very easy system to follow because you can easily calculate the amount of your following bet size. Just double the amount every time you win. By using Parlay roulette strategy, you can quickly increase your capital as long as you have patience and just a little bit of luck.

The main disadvantage of a Parlay roulette strategy is that the system has no predetermined ending. In reality, you can use it 24/7 without stopping. However, our team at RouletteTrip recommends that you set a target for your winnings as well as your losings. Whenever you reach either target we recommend that you end the roulette session or move on to using a different roulette strategy.

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Can Parlay roulette strategy bring you regular winnings?

As previously mentioned Parlay roulette strategy is a system based on arithmetical progression. This easy and at the same time very aggressive roulette strategy can bring you regular winnings as long as you are armed with patience and have a sprinkle of luck. However, we do recommend that you set limits on your winnings and losings to avoid big losses and headaches from the roulette. Bet smart to win regularly!

You can also try Parlay roulette strategy without betting real money in one of the best online casinos that our team at RouletteTrip has specially selected for you. You can also see our other recommended roulette strategies and pick the best one that fits your style of play.

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