Oscar’s Grind Roulette Strategy

While most of the betting strategies you can use in roulette date back at least a century, Oscar’s Grind roulette strategy does not. The funky named roulette strategy first popped up in The Casino Gambler’s Guide, a book written by Allan Wilson in 1965.

Commonly known as the Pluscoup Progressive System in French and German, or Hoyle’s Press in other parts of the globe; Oscar’s Grind is rapidly gaining popularity with roulette players. Whichever title it chooses to go by, the betting system works the same way.

The concept behind the betting system is that a game of roulette is based on losing and winning streaks. For that reason, players need to have a suitably large balance when playing, to be able to survive those losing streaks. This is nothing new, though, and is in many ways the same advice doled out to players using any roulette strategy.

Oscar’s Grind Roulette Strategy Proper

The principle behind Oscar’s Grind is that players try to keep bets low on losing streaks, and only increase them during winning streaks. Players will start out with a base bet of just $1. When you lose a bet, you wager the same amount you have just lost for your next bet. However, should you win a bet, you increase the bet by a single unit. This continues until you turn a profit of a single unit (overall), at which point, you revert to the original $1 bet and start again, with the betting session being completed.

It is vital that players only increase their bets by a single unit each time. However, if players find that they can wager less than the specified number of units to turn a profit of just a single unit ($1 in our example), then they can break that chain with a different value bet.

While that sounds immensely complicated, the handy chart below will straighten things out so you can visualise exactly what we mean.

Example Game Using Oscar’s Grind Roulette Strategy

Round Bet Outcome Total Profit
Round 1 $1 LOSS – $1
Round 2 $1 LOSS – $2
Round 3 $1 LOSS – $3
Round 4 $1 LOSS – $4
Round 5 $1 WIN – $3
Round 6 $2 WIN – $1
Round 7 $2 WIN $1

As you will see from above, in Round 7, ordinarily we should have increased the stake from $2 to $3, as the rules state that following a win, you should increase your bet by a single unit. However, as we only need to win $2 to turn over a – $1 deficit into $1 profit, we only wagered $2 instead of the $3 mentioned.

Oscar’s Grind is a tricky system to get the hang of, but it is not difficult to see why players find it appealing. Any player considering giving the Oscar’s Grind roulette strategy a run for its money would do well to try it out on free to play roulette demos first. Make sure you get your practice in before you decide to wager real money using this relatively new and fun, but complicated betting strategy.

Should I play Oscar’s Grind Roulette Strategy?

Oscar’s Grind roulette strategy is similar to Martingale and Labouchere systems as it does guarantee a profit with infinite amount of money and infinite possible maximum bet. So in theory it’s good. In case of Oscar’s Grind you’re actually expected to do better than with the two above strategies as it isn’t as aggressive during losing streaks so it doesn’t race you towards bankruptcy.

However, at the root of Oscar’s Grind roulette strategy is a false belief that losing streaks and winning streaks not only exist but that you’re expected to experience periods of bad luck and good luck.

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This appears to be true when you look at any longer sequence of roulette bet outcomes, but in fact every spin is independent and there’s no evidence that your winning streak will continue just because you won one spin. This is called the hot hand fallacy and it originated in basketball, where it makes sense, and is wrongly used in games of chance – where it does not apply.

Obvious problems may arise during the time when we just increased our bet size and then we lose. The whole principle of Oscar’s Grind rests on an idea that you will be winning in streaks. Any time when you do win but it’s not part of a streak, that win will be meaningless and won’t bring a profit on its own.

However, in the example above a losing streak of 5 is nullified by a winning streak of 3, and a profit of 1 unit (minus the house edge, obviously) is made and the session is a winning one. So, in certain conditions Oscar’s Grind roulette strategy will manage to do what’s advertised, while in other situations it will not.

The thing to watch out for are wins that don’t come in streaks, as it will be impossible to turn a profit with Oscar’s Grind roulette strategy if none of your wins are connected. This system relies on that one winning streak that makes everything right.

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