Bomber Roulette Strategy

Bomber roulette strategy is a system based on numbers betting. When you are using it, you will notice that the numbers on the roulette table keep getting covered with tokens as the game progresses. That is where the strategy name comes from. You keep adding tokens to different numbers on the roulette table just how a bomber drops bombs on enemy territory!

Bomber Strategy is a very aggressive roulette system, which requires the player using it to have strong nerves and sufficient capital. If you favor a more calm and balanced roulette strategy, we encourage you to rather look at our other roulette systems – Fibonacci and D’Alembert.

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Repetition of roulette numbers

If you have played or looked at roulette games before, you will notice that some numbers keep repeating after a short time interval. In mathematics, this is what some people would call ‘the law of uneven repetition of random numbers’. Such random numbers will be different every time so it will be up to you to see which ones repeat over this short time interval.

Many statistical studies show that at least one number repeats over a span of 12 continuous roulette spins. As you well know, the numbers on the roulette tables are 37 (however, in American roulette there are 38 because of the double zero; if you want to know more about the difference between the American and European roulette table, click here).

Every seasoned roulette player will tell you that the chances of all 37 numbers appearing after 37 continuous roulette spins are minimal. This is why Bomber roulette strategy is very reliable and adopted by many roulette players.

How to correctly use the Bomber roulette strategy?

Bomber roulette strategy is simple to use; however, it requires a lot of concentration and sufficient capital. After you have chosen your online casino and decided to start your roulette session, take a look at the list of previous numbers that have landed in the roulette. The first step is to put 1 token on the last number that has landed.

If the next roulette spin does not land on your number, bet one extra token on the last 2 landed numbers. In this case, you will have 4 tokens on two numbers – the one you failed to hit on the first spin and the one which landed on that spin. This procedure continues on until you hit a winner. Then you start the Bomber strategy again from the first step.

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Example of Bomber roulette strategy in real time

You begin to play by looking at the last landed number on the roulette. Hypothetically we say that this number is 12. We put 1 token on the number 12. Roulette wheel spins and number 32 lands. We increase the bet by 1 extra token. This means that we presumably bet 2 tokens on numbers 12 and 32 each.

• Number 8 lands. Next spin we bet 3 tokens on the numbers 12, 32 and 8 each
• Number 11 lands. Next spin we bet 4 tokens on the numbers 12,32,8 and 11 each
• Number 22 lands. Next spin we bet 5 tokens on the numbers 12,32,8,11 and 22 each
• Number 7 lands. Next spin we bet 6 tokens on the numbers 12,32,8,11,22 and 7 each
• Number 27 lands. Next spin we bet 7 tokens on the numbers 12, 32, 8, 11, 22, 7 and 27 each
• Number 22 lands. This is the number we have previously betted on and we win!

On the image below you can see a complete view of Bomber Roulette Strategy before the winning spin comes!


How much will you win?

Let’s calculate how much our winnings from the above example will be.
• On number 22 we have a bet of 7 tokens. Our win is 7×35=245 tokens
• Our current expenses are:
(1×1) + (2×2) + (3×3) + (4×4) + (5×5) + (6×6) + (7×7) = 140 tokens

So the pure profit is: 245 – 140 = 105 tokens. That`s great right?


Bomber roulette strategy is a very aggressive system, which can bring you big profits. With this system the chances of you winning increase with each consecutive bet. It is important to note that the bet is increased by 1 token with each roulette spin up until the roulette spins become 9.

If you haven’t landed a winning number until the 9th roulette spin, the increase needs to be with 2, 3 and 4 tokens. This is done in order to achieve a return on the invested capital when the roulette spin lands on your winning number.

Keep in mind that Bomber roulette strategy requires a high starting capital. Such capital will guarantee that you can wait out until your winning number lands! You must check the table limits of your online casino. Some of them do not allow high bets, in which case you would not be able to keep increasing your bet until you win.

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