Roulette Game Variations

Roulette Game Variations – Play Roulette Online

Roulette exists in many versions that offer different house edges and different side bets that can be made, and some variations even offer a chance to win the progressive jackpot, or a chance to spin up to eight wheels at once! Read through our guide and explore the beautiful world of different roulette game variations. All betting options and primary rules of all these roulette games are mostly the same. If you don’t know the odds and aren’t familiar with the basics of the game, please take a look at our page on betting options and roulette rules.

European Roulette


European roulette, the version with only one zero, is the most common version of roulette played worldwide, both offline and online. This version of roulette has 2.70% better odds for every bet that can be placed, and, for example, the chance of winning a two-sided bet such as Red/Black, Odd/Even or High/Low is 48.65% as opposed to 47.37% in American roulette. Or, to put it another way, the house edge in European roulette is 2.70% while in American it’s almost double that, 5.26%.

American roulette

American roulette has an additional number on the wheel, the double zero, 00, and it doesn’t have “en prison” and “la partage” so the house edge is always the same, 5.26%. It is not advisable to play this version of roulette as there’s absolutely nothing to be gained from having two zeros. There is an even worse version called Sands roulette that only exists in Venetian in Las Vegas, that also has an additional S symbol that raises the house edge to 7.69%.

French Roulette

French roulette is actually European roulette with some additional interesting rules that reduce the house edge, and it’s either called French roulette or French rules.


The “la partage” rule, also known as “half-back”, gives half of the stake back to those players who placed an even-money bet (all two-sided bets) when the ball lands on zero. In this case, the house edge is reduced to only 1.35%. The “en prison” rule is similar. When you placed an even-money bet and the ball lands on zero, your money will be imprisoned until the next spin. If you win your bet on the next spin you’ll get your money back with no winnings, and if you lose, only then you lose your money. House edge is also 1.35% on tables that offer “en prison” so these are the two best roulette game variations that you can play.

Short pays roulette

It’s vital for a player to check the paytable of every roulette table he sits on, both in land-based casinos and online. Some electronic roulette games don’t pay as much as you expect them to, and instead, offer short pays such as 34 to 1 payout instead of 35 to 1 when you win a single number bet. This greatly increases the house edge and is a horrible game to play.

No zero roulette

The absolute best version of roulette one can play is the roulette with no zeros. This reduces the house edge to exactly 0.00% and therefore offers a completely mathematically fair game. Of course, it’s very rare to find an online casino that offers no zero roulette, and it’s possible that at this moment no casino is offering a no zero roulette, though there are those that offered it in the past, such as Betfair, until in 2014 they have removed the game from their offer.

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Progressive jackpot roulette

Progressive jackpot roulette is a version of roulette that’s the same as European roulette, except that it offers a progressive jackpot. In this version of the game, the player must also place a side bet that contributes to the progressive jackpot and gives the player a chance to win the jackpot. The side bet is automatically subtracted from the player’s bankroll so this version of roulette actually has greater house edge when it comes to all the standard roulette bets, but has a key feature in that it allows players to walk away with life-changing amounts of money. The most popular progressive jackpot roulette is Roulette Royale by Microgaming, there’s also Triple Bonus Spin Roulette by IGT, and many more variations of the game.

Mini roulette

Mini roulette is a simple game with a reduced number of pockets, so it has only twelve numbers and a zero, for a total of thirteen pockets. The Playtech version of the game also has an extended “la partage” rule in effect, so any bet that doesn’t cover the zero will only lose half if the ball lands in the zero pocket. In this particular example, any bet that does not include zero will have a house edge of 3.85% while any bet that does cover zero will have a huge house edge of 7.69%.

Multi-wheel roulette

This version of roulette allows players to bet on results of two to eight roulette wheels at once. This greatly reduces the variance of the game and reduces the chance of a long losing streak, so many players choose to play this game even if it does take away a lot from the pleasure of spinning a single wheel and hoping for a positive outcome. House edge on any multi-wheel roulette is identical to the house edge of a single wheel with those same rules, the only difference is that with multiple tables the variance decreases.

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Double ball roulette

There are both offline and online versions of the roulette game with two balls that are released on the same spin, and even though this game usually offers a different paytable and perhaps some bonus features, in fact, there is not much change to the house edge or variance.


What is the best version of roulette to play? Well, definitely the one with the lowest house edge. If no zero roulette isn’t available at the moment, then French roulette is the best possible version as it has either “la partage” or “en prison” rules in effect that reduce the house edge to only 1.35%. Also, multi-wheel roulette can be considered favorable as it reduces the variance, which in normal single-wheel roulette is incredibly high and is the source of a lot of frustration. As you can see, there are a lot of roulette game variations. Chose the best one that suits you and start playing with real money in one of the best live dealer casinos we have selected for you!

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