Roulette Corner Bet – How to make money by betting on four numbers

In this article, we’ll cover the Roulette Corner Bet and explain why is it a very popular bet that even deserves to be examined separately from other bets on numbers. The bet owes its popularity to the fact that it has odds and payout that feel neither too high nor too low, and it’s commonly used to cover a large portion of the layout.

The Roulette Corner Bet belongs to the inside bets. It is a way of betting on the exact number(s) by placing a bet on four numbers at once. You are limited to those groups of four numbers that are actually touching each other on the roulette layout with numbers. The bet is made by placing a chip on the cross between the four numbers. This bet is also known as the four-number bet, which is creating confusion with another bet as we’ll explain below, or, simply, “corners”.

Roulette Corner Bet

Roulette Corner Bet Odds and Payout

The main appeal of the Roulette Corner Bet comes from the fact that you’re still getting a very high payout, 8:1 or $80 for every $10 staked, but the chance isn’t as high as when you’re betting on a single number.

While the payout is 8 to 1, odds against winning are 8 1⁄4 to 1 in European or French roulette, and less favorable 8 1⁄2 to 1 on American roulette with a double zero. Just like any other bet on roulette, it’s worse when played on a double zero wheel. Read more about the different roulette game variations.

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There are 22 different spots on the roulette layout where a four-number bet can be placed. So that’s a total of 22 different combinations for a Roulette Corner Bet, and any other combination of four numbers would only be made possible by placing individual bets on each respective number.

Just like with all other bets, it’s important to play Roulette Corner Bet at a table that has a single zero (European roulette). This setup has a 2.70% house edge on all bets, including the Roulette Corner Bet, while American roulette with a double zero has 5.26% house edge. For Corner Bets, it’s irrelevant if the table has French rules as these apply to two-sided bets only. Your chance to win on a Corner Bet is 4 / 37 = 10.8%, in case of a European roulette table.

How to place a corner bet

As briefly explained in the introduction, a corner bet is an inside bet, which means it’s placed on the part of the roulette layout that displays numbers to bet on. If a chip is placed at any cross-section of four numbers, the dealer will immediately know it’s a corner bet that covers those four numbers. If any of those numbers land, the payout will be 8x the value of the chip.

Four-Number Bet

There is an additional, 23rd Roulette Corner Bet but it has its own name – the Four-Number Bet. It is made by placing a chip at the common corner of numbers 0 and 1, and it covers numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3. This bet has exactly the same chance and payout as the other Roulette Corner Bets. The bet is also known as Transversale de Quatre in French, and it’s a better name as it avoids the Four-Number Bet / Four-Numbers Bet confusion.

zero corner bet

On American roulette, with two zeros, this bet is called a Five Number Bet as it involves five numbers, including 00. This is likely the worst bet you can make in roulette, while the Four-Number Bet is a pretty solid one.

Is a Roulette Corner Bet a good bet to make?

Yes, as the chance to win is high enough, and definitely higher than a single-number bet, a double bet (that covers two numbers) or a three-bet (that covers three numbers). The corner bet is mostly used when players want to quickly cover a larger portion of the layout as it is easier to cover it with corner bets than with individual single bets.

The only bet to avoid at all costs is the Five Number Bet. Before you start betting with real money, we read all the roulette rules!

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Corner Bet Strategies

Most Roulette Corner Bet strategies take advantage of the fact that you cover four numbers with a single chip, which then makes this bet bread and butter of all strategies that involve covering more than 50% of the wheel. These strategies give the player an advantage as he won’t be losing as much, and therefore the insanely high volatility of roulette is tamed just a bit.

The Roulette Corner Bet is actually so good that we’ve based our own 7 Corners Roulette Strategy on it. Our strategy will give the player a 75.7% chance of winning while only 24.3% of spins will be losing ones, as we’re covering 28 out of 37 numbers. When we win, we’ll get 8 chips and lose 6 for a profit of 2 chips, and when we lose, we’ll lose 7 chips. If we would win 3 out of 4 spins, we’d win 8 chips and lose 7, winning 1 chip. There is also a secret trick that goes to our advantage – the number 32 is covered twice, so if it lands we’ll make a staggering profit of 10 chips!

Our 7 Corners Roulette Strategy, as well as all other strategies that increase the chance of a win, further allows a player to utilize one of the progressive betting strategies – these will behave in a much more reasonable way once it’s no longer a coin toss.

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