Pros and cons of online roulette

Pros and cons of online roulette

Many people, even experienced roulette players, are still struggling with the question of whether online roulette or brick-and-mortar roulette is better for the player, so let’s go ahead and research that for a bit. Both versions of roulette have their advantages and downsides, and the decision on which one to play will largely depend on what the player’s needs are. On this article, you can read all pros and cons of online roulette.

How random is the wheel?

The main difference between traditional brick-and-mortar roulette and online roulette is that the latter is a perfect game of chance since it uses a random number generator (RNG), which means that each spin is totally independent of any previous spin. There is nothing – absolutely nothing – that connects the current spin to previous ones, as the RNG starts all over again. Think of this as blackjack cards that are shuffled after every hand so you can’t count them, which is what some casinos do.

Physical wheels, on the other hand, are inherently imperfect. Whether that’s good for the player or not is questionable, but the majority of players think they can exploit the wheel if they figure out towards which numbers it’s showing bias. The dealer is a creature of habit and he/she will often make the same move and spin the ball an equal number of full circles, so a cunning player may start noticing a pattern there as well.

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In short, online roulette is completely random and each number has a same chance of landing, while real roulette will always be a slave of physics, as the wheel is imperfect and the dealer is always doing the same motion. Many gamblers would never even consider playing online roulette because of this, as they’re trying to gain an edge by noticing a pattern – which in online roulette is impossible.

On the other hand, in online roulette, you’re all but certain that the game you’re playing is honest and the spins are truly random. This is not the case with physical wheels, as casinos have historically been rigging them to cheat the players.

Security matters.

One important reason why online roulette is so popular is that it offers anonymity towards other players and offers a lot of security since you’re actually physically in your home, and couldn’t possibly get mugged in a dark alley after you walk out of the casino with a big win. It is also more convenient to play online, and it’s cheaper as you don’t have to order drinks and don’t have to tip the dealer. You don’t have to drive to the casino and don’t have to drive back. So, you’re saving both time and money, have access to many different online versions of the game, and you’re really safe.

Bet levels.

Brick-and-mortar casinos usually favor tables with a larger minimum bet, as they need to make money. That means that it’s often more expensive to play real roulette at a gambling facility because there are no tables with a minimum bet you actually had in mind for yourself, and online you can choose from many different bet levels, and no one will care which one you choose. You can also keep betting your minimum bet without worrying that other people will see you don’t have that much money. Online roulette offers total flexibility in this regard, while casino roulette will force you to perhaps bet bigger than you would have. Online roulette can be played much faster, too.

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Live dealer casino – best of both worlds.

Many people just can’t get over the fact that automated roulette is totally random, so they choose to play live dealer roulette online, which gives access to a real brick-and-mortar game, but you’re placing your bets remotely. This is likely the best way to play roulette, as it’s the physical wheel, physical ball, and a physical dealer. You just can’t remove the human element from roulette and can’t replace real physics with an animation. The sound of the ball landing in the pocket can’t be replaced with a fake one either.

Live dealer roulette truly offers the best of both worlds as you’re playing the real game, yet are safe at your home and aren’t wasting any time. You can place the bets quickly even as the wheel is already spinning, while in real life it takes much more dexterity to place a bet during the allowed time frame.

There are many live dealer roulette versions to choose from, and you can play American roulette with two zeros, European roulette with one zero, or French roulette with one zero and favorable rules for when the ball lands on zero. You can find also live dealer games that are streamed from an actual famous casino such as the Hippodrome, and those may be venues that are halfway across the world from where you are so you can only visit them in this way. There are also versions in different languages. You can chat with the dealer and with other players, the same as you would in a real casino.

What about the bonuses?

It’s a known fact that brick-and-mortar casinos don’t give you deposit bonuses. On the other hand, every online casino offers some sort of a bonus, and some of them allow you to play roulette with the bonus, albeit with a reduced contribution to rollover requirements. It’s not that playing roulette with a bonus is a very good strategy, but it can help you play with more money and if you’re lucky during your roulette session, you’ll win more if you got a bonus first. Sometimes, just sometimes, a casino will give you a special live dealer bonus which you can actually only use on live dealer games. Take a look at the best casino bonuses our team carefully selected for you!

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While visiting a casino and playing real roulette is a special night out, online roulette offers enough advantages to just narrowly beat the traditional game as the best way to play roulette. This is especially the case with live dealer roulette, as it combines the best of both worlds.