Pros and cons of live dealer casino

Nowadays live dealer casino play an important role in the contemporary casino industry and more and more players prefer to place a bet without leaving their home. While the games are the same and offer the same mathematical chance of winning regardless of whether you’re playing the automated version or the live dealer version, there are important differences to consider when you’re making a choice between the two, and they may mean the difference between winning and losing. We’ll focus on the game of roulette.

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Pros of live dealer casino

Live dealer roulette is favored by many players because it offers an authentic experience that resembles what you see in a land-based casino. In some cases, the live dealer will actually be at some famous casino so you can get the feeling you’re actually playing there even though you’re at home. This is the best part about live dealer casinos.

Many players feel the human touch and the slower pace of the game helps them keep their head straight and enjoy the game comfortably. When you win or when you lose there is always a smiling face at the other end of the table, while in automated games there is nothing. Also, you may chat with other players, sometimes even with the dealer, and it’s always nice to hear the dealer say your name out loud when you join the table.

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While automated games need to rely on computer animations to create suspense, these are always sterile and deprived of any real excitement. In a live dealer roulette table, you will get to see the ball – often in a close-up shot – doing natural motions and landing in the pocket you think it should land on, or perhaps it jumps and lands in the next one which you bet on.

This is extremely exciting to watch, and the sound of the ball is the best thing in the game. Computer roulette games can’t ever match this. The only way to enjoy the sights and sounds of roulette is to play it with a live dealer, whether it be in a physical casino or in a live dealer section of an online casino. In contrast, many players feel the virtual roulette wheel is cold and is very unfriendly on non-winning spins. It simply takes your money.

An obvious advantage of a live dealer casino over a land-based casino is that there’s always a free seat for you, that you’re safe, that you don’t have to spend time driving to the casino. In general, playing in a live dealer online casino makes more sense than visiting a land-based casino each and every time you want to play a game, especially if you’ve got a busy lifestyle.

Cons of live dealer casino

Live dealers aren’t available at every online casino you visit, which means you’re reducing the pool of casinos where you can play your favorite game if you demand the game to be played with a live dealer exclusively. This may mean you’re missing out on some great bonuses or other perks such as loyalty programs.

In live dealer games, you may feel pressured to place your bet in the allocated time, and this may be particularly difficult if you’re using one of the more complex strategies such as the James Bond strategy or something else that has you covering many numbers on the board one by one. In a live dealer game, you simply won’t have the time to do this.

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Inevitably, all physical wheels will be imperfect, and the motion of the dealer’s hand will actually make the difference between winning or losing. Some players may dislike this additional level of variance while others will embrace it, but it’s a fact that only a random number generator, used in automated table games, is truly random. Live dealer roulette is random in a slightly different way, one that uses real-life circumstances such as the force with which the ball was thrown to determine the outcome.

Because of the costs associated with running an online live dealer casino, the minimum bets are often higher than what you can see in land-based casinos and in virtual roulette games. If you want to play a micro-stake roulette, then live dealer online casino isn’t a good choice.

Which version should you choose?

The choice totally depends on your preferences. Some players prefer to exclude the human element and the added variance, and exclusively want to play a random number generator roulette that is based on pure chance, with an outcome that is indeed truly random. Other players like to play the dirty game in which the roulette ball exists in real life and is affected by real-life events that will decide in which pocket will the ball land.

Also, some players need more time to place their bets so they’ll be playing the automated game while some don’t need the extra time so live dealer game is the right one for them. In any case, the game that’s right for you is the one where you win more often. Just make sure you test both versions and see which one you’re more comfortable with, and when you make your choice, stick with it.

Live dealers roulette can be played only with real money, so be sure you understand the odds, basic strategy and roulette rules!