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How to choose the best casino for online roulette?

How to find the best casino for online roulette?

In this article, we will guide you through the process of choosing the best casino for online roulette, and there are several steps. To be able to find the best casino for roulette, we must first know what kind of roulette are we looking for. Once we have that, the answer will become obvious.

If you want to skip this entire article and just sign up with an excellent online casino for roulette, we recommend Genesis Casino, MyB Casino and BOVADA Casino (USA players). These casinos fit the criteria discussed below.

Choose a casino that accepts you as a player.

Most obviously, you need to choose a casino that operates in your jurisdiction, and that accepts you as a player. This part may be easy or hard, depending on the territory, and the selection of casinos will vary between regions. The selection can be full of great casinos, or it may be a minimal range of not-so-good casinos.

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Live roulette or RNG roulette?

The most crucial decision a roulette player needs to make is if he wants to play live dealer roulette with a physical roulette table, or a software version that generates outcomes of spins randomly, using a Random Number Generator (RNG).

There are pros and cons of each version, and the discussion usually revolves around the ability or inability for the table to be rigged and for the numbers to be predicted in any way.

RNG roulette is, for all practical purposes, totally random. Each individual spin is random and not related to any spin before or after it, and some players choose this version precisely because of that, while the others run away precisely because of that. Some players like to be protected by randomness, while others want a chance to trick the game somehow themselves.

Physical wheels are not entirely random, as there are imperfections in materials and measurements, some pockets may be smaller while some are larger, the barriers between pockets may be lower or higher, the wheel may be tilted a bit, and the dealer will usually use the same hand motion for every spin. These things make physical roulette not entirely random, though, from our perspective, all outcomes will still be random unless we know precisely which part of the process is ruining that randomness.

American or European roulette?MYB Casino banner

Most players who can do so choose to stay away from American roulette as it has two zeros and therefore the house edge rises from 2.70% for single-zero European roulette to whopping 5.26%, which means people who play American roulette are playing a game that can not be beaten. It is universally accepted that you must play European roulette if you have access to it.

There is a specific version of the single-zero roulette called French roulette that has favorable rules when the ball lands on zero. If there’s a “la partage” rule when the ball lands on zero the player will only lose half of his bet, not all of it. If there’s an “en prison” rule, the bet on zero will be imprisoned for one more spin, and if you lose then you lose the bet, and if you win on that next spin, then you win your stake back. Any of these rules will cut the house edge in half, to 1.35%.

Any specific requests?

There are many unique versions of roulette, such as multi-wheel roulette or some jackpot roulette, or maybe a live dealer roulette in your own language or live dealer roulette streamed from an actual location of some famous casino you’d wish to visit but can’t.

Roulette is a popular game, and online casinos go out of their way to offer something new, so it’s a good thing to check the roulette lobby and see what different versions of the game does the casino have. There’s a good chance one of these versions is a great one you’ll want to play and will enjoy a low house edge too. Of course, when you check out several casinos, roulette versions will differ, and you’ll choose the casino that has the game you want.

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Roulette bonuses

Last but not least, you will probably want to get a deposit bonus. Most online casinos don’t allow roulette play to contribute to bonus rollover conditions and those that do usually set the contribution to 10%, which means it’s extremely difficult to win some money with the deposit bonus. Even this is hard to find as casinos generally choose to keep roulette out of any bonus deals, as the game has a relatively low house edge and is entirely random. Take a look at the best casino roulette bonus offers.

Alternatively, there are loyalty programs in which you gather points that you can later exchange for cash or other prizes, and roulette can be used to gather those points. Since roulette is a low house edge game, stakes can get higher, and comp points will accumulate and bring you cash, prizes, and advances up the VIP ranks.

The ideal situation would be if a casino is offering a good deposit bonus with a low rollover requirement, a decent roulette contribution to rollover requirements, a good loyalty program, French roulette or any other low house edge roulette, and/or some specific roulette version you want to play. That casino would be the best roulette online casino for you. As mentioned earlier, we recommend Genesis Casino, MyB Casino and BOVADA Casino.