US high stake roulette


If you’re in the US and want to play high stakes roulette, you have two options. One is to play in a land-based casino and the other is to play online. Since playing at land-based casinos isn’t always convenient and you don’t always have the time to drive to the casino, we’ll examine the online casinos in detail and see which one is the best choice for high stakes play.

Before we even begin, we’ll reveal that Bovada Casino has the highest roulette table limits in the US, up to $3000 per spin. Read full Bovada Casino Review.

Table limits

The most obvious aspect of high stakes play are table limits, and we want these to be as high as possible. The reason for this is not to immediately place a large bet, but to have flexibility when the situation demands it. For example, if you’re playing a progressive betting strategy (increasing bet size after losses), you don’t want to be stuck in a situation where your betting strategy demands a $3000 bet and the table limit is only $1000.

Of the three most popular US online roulette sites, Ignition Casino offers the lowest maximum table limits of only $1000. This largely dismisses the casino when it comes to high stakes play, as the competitors are offering much larger limits.

MYB Casino has a maximum limit of $2500 per spin, so this is a fine choice for high rollers, especially as the casino has other perks such as a Bitcoin welcome bonus of 200% up to $2000, and roulette even contributes to bonus playthrough conditions, albeit with only 5%.

Bovada Casino offers the largest table limits, as you can bet up to $3000 per spin at this reputable online brand. This will likely be enough for most high rollers, and online casinos generally don’t accept much larger bets than this. If you want even larger limits, you will first have to play for a while and move up the VIP Club ladder and then possibly get larger limits for yourself. The other solution is to go to a land-based casino, as they traditionally offer high rollers a chance to play for large stakes.

Why play high stakes roulette?

Both small players and high rollers should be playing at tables with large limits, although it’s for two different reasons.

The high rollers who have a lot of money set aside for gambling obviously don’t want to waste their time with $100 bets and need a much larger limit so the game is actually fun for them. Most gamblers who have a lot of money earned that money with their high income job or are entrepreneurs, and are simply looking for a way to bet big to have some fun.

Smaller players tend to take roulette much more seriously, and will likely use one of the betting strategies to improve their chances of beating roulette. These betting strategies are always using stake manipulation as their main weapon, and in some strategies (most notably, Martingale), the bet size can grow quite large very fast if you enter a streak of losses. You don’t want the betting strategy to demand a larger bet than the table limit, as that’s when you’ll have to call it a day. Keep that in mind even before you start playing.

For example, if your normal bet is $10 and you’re playing Martingale roulette strategy, it will take only seven consecutive losses to bring you to bet size of $1280, and with eight losses you’ll already be at $2560. Obviously, if you went for one of the low-stakes tables that allow bets up to $500 per spin, you won’t have any options left and won’t have a chance to get your money back.

That’s why it’s always a better choice to go with the highest possible limit table, and not the lowest one. If your usual bet is $10, simply choose a table that has the highest limit possible yet accepts your $10 bet. At Bovada Casino, for example, you would choose the $5-$1500 table as opposed to the $1-$300 table as that one would only allow you to play through a losing streak of five spins. At that point, the bet demanded by Martingale roulette strategy would be $320 and if you lose the fifth consecutive spin, you couldn’t make a sixth bet on that table as it would require a bet of $640.

Also note that the range is also important, as with a $10 bet at MYB Casino, for comparison, you’d only be able to play at a table with a $5-$500 limit, so your maximum allowed bet would be three times lower than at Bovada Casino that offers a $5-$1500 table.

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