Fastest Payout Casinos for USA Roulette Players

Fastest Payout Casinos for USA Roulette Players

With the usual jumping through hoops when making deposits and especially withdrawals, US roulette players should always choose the fastest and most reliable withdrawal option. Payout speeds and verifications needed also vary greatly, so let’s tell you right away which online casinos will give you your money the fastest, with minimal fuss.

US players have only two feasible options to choose from: checks or cryptocurrencies. Those who are tech-savvy may opt for Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, but lately, it turned out that cryptocurrencies are more heavily regulated than anything, so the main advantage of using them has faded a bit. However, those who are really tech-savvy – and tax-savvy – may find a way to get dollars in hand without all the regulatory fuss. The main advantage of cryptocurrencies is that the deposits and withdrawals are near-instant (plus the manual processing time by the casino) and you are not limited to one per month, as is the case with checks.

On the other hand, checks are not being reported to the IRS, at least not automatically, unless the check exceeds $10,000. Meaning, cashing out your winnings by check could be the equivalent to being paid in cash. And this is what we want, so for the vast majority of players, this is the preferred option. You can get a physical check delivered to your door, or you can get an eCheck.

Let’s have a look at four options: physical checks, eChecks, cryptocurrencies and one casino that processes wire transfers relatively fast.

Bovada: Fast checks, not-so-fast Bitcoins, reliable

The famous Bovada brand isn’t known for processing payments quickly. Even Bitcoin withdrawals aren’t processed instantly as each withdrawal is processed manually by Bovada staff. Bitcoin withdrawals will be pending for 24-48 hours before they’re processed. Only one Bitcoin withdrawal may be requested every three days.

Check by Courier is the most commonly used method to withdraw money from Bovada, and, as expected, it’s not very fast. It will take 10-15 business days before you get your check, and you may also use this service only once per month for free. Additional checks will cost $100 each.

However, these are just worst-case scenarios, and it seems Bovada is getting faster regarding withdrawals in order to keep the customer satisfaction rate above 90%. It is perfectly possible for your withdrawal request to be processed within hours, which in case of Bitcoin means the cryptocurrency is in your wallet within the same time frame. With checks, it just takes time for the check to be delivered to your door, but the withdrawal request can also be processed within hours. Some players claim they have received the check-in as little as three days.

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Ignition Casino: Cheap(er) multiple withdrawals

While Bovada charges $100 every time, you want to make a second withdrawal by check in a month, at its sister brand Ignition Casino this fee is $50. That means this is the casino to go to if you intend to make multiple check withdrawals per month, as you’ll end up saving a lot of money in the long term. The check will take 7-10 days to reach you, though it could arrive faster. We may assume that Bovada and Ignition Casino use similar or same protocols for sending checks so there should be no difference – except for the fee.

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This is also the only withdrawal method that incurs a fee at Ignition Casino, and the others are free but are cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash withdrawals are free, and you may request one every three days.

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MYB Casino: Fast eChecks, bank transfers

MYB Casino offers cryptocurrency or dollar withdrawals, and the former still go through manual processing, so they’re not instant, and can take between 24 to 48 hours to be approved. The maximum payout is $2,000 per week, same as for all other options in this casino.

MYB Casino also offers check withdrawals, eChecks to be more specific, and these can take 7-10 business days to reach you, but this is the usual time for the eCheck to clear anyway, plus the 24-48 hours pending time. This could be a faster option than Bovada’s or Ignition Casino’s physical checks as these have to be delivered to you personally.

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Bank wire transfers are also an option at MYB Casino, and it will take 7-10 days for the money to reach your bank account. As with other options, it takes 24-48 hours to process the withdrawal, weekend not included so this can take up to four days in the worst-case scenario.

Looking at the three casinos, we’ve selected as the best on the US market, regarding payout speeds MYB Casino seems to be the best one. The eChecks are inherently faster than physical checks since the delivery time is cut to zero, the casino offers crypto withdrawals, and there’s also a wire transfer if you want to use that.

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