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Centuries-old, roulette is one of the most iconic casino games in the world. Synonymous with jet-setting gamblers and ritzy casino venues, roulette tables are a staple of any reputable casino.

On this website, you’ll find a treasure trove of the best roulette strategies, tips, and tricks. The RouletteTrip is formed by seasoned sharks that have curated the best roulette advice available online.

Armed with invaluable roulette tips and strategies, you’ll be much more prepared when facing the spinning wheel. The more prepared you are, the better your chances of having a profitable roulette experience.

Reading some live dealer casino reviews can’t hurt, either. Different operators have contrasting rules, policies, standards, and odds. Get the most current roulette strategies and casino reviews for 2020 here, at

Become an Expert Roulette Player in 3 Simple Steps

Roulette is a very approachable game, and anyone can easily place a bet and share in the adrenaline. Mastering roulette, however, is no easy task. Following these simple steps, though, you too can become a skilled roulette player and boost your roulette profits.


Being a solid roulette player requires a ton of practice, knowledge of odds, and strategies. If you don’t know the rules of roulette like the back of your hand, though, you’re going nowhere, fast.
Roulette is a relatively complex game, with a lot of possible bet types and specifics. Understanding the subtleties of the rules is paramount to your success. Learn more about Roulette Rules if you want to succeed.


Like most casino games, roulette involves luck and strategy in equal measures. The thrill of the spin is what draws in most roulette players. Still, without a sound strategy, that stay is bound to be limited.
Achieving long-term profitability and keeping a healthy balance means acquiring strategic expertise in roulette games. RouletteTrip is the #1 source for the most profitable roulette strategy advice. Study with the best, and adopt a strategy that matches your goals and style.


Having mastered the rules of the game and studied tried-and-true roulette strategies, you’re ready for the big leagues. It’s time to pick an online casino and put your knowledge to good use.
Choosing an online roulette casino can be quite a challenge. There are dozens of options on the market, with many different pros and cons. Our live dealer casino reviews can help guide your selection.
To speed things along, we’ve also put together a list of the best online casinos offering live dealer roulette tables. Check it out below.

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Live Dealer Casinos

Playing roulette is always a rush, but the advent of the digital age has made it possible to enjoy roulette from the comfort of your home. Live dealer casinos are a game-changer, offering countless online roulette tables around the clock.

The panorama isn’t entirely rosy, though. Disreputable online casinos are a known risk to online roulette fans. Studying your options and determining if you’re dealing with a legitimate operator is essential. Make sure to check out our live dealer casino reviews for up-to-date information.

Roulette Tips and Roulette Strartegies

A tip is a nugget of hard-wrought, distilled wisdom, passed down from veterans to rookies. Roulette tips are simple bits of advice you can apply without changing much about your fundamental approach to the game.
RouletteTrip creates, collects, and curates a selection of the simplest and most effective roulette tips around. Our team of roulette experts provides the very best tips they’ve managed to pick up over years of experience. If tips are nuggets of wisdom, strategies are prospector maps. Using them allows you to find more nuggets without having to dig around so much.
Roulette strategies are polished ways to optimize your bets and increase profitability in the long run. They’re the result of years of experience and careful analysis. At RouletteTrip, we collect and update the most effective roulette strategies for kicking your profits up a notch.


At RouletteTrip, we’re a passionate bunch of friendly roulette experts. On our website, we welcome both green and veteran players who love to take the big wheel for a spin.

We enjoy introducing newcomers into the fascinating world of roulette. We produce roulette reviews, roulette analysis, live dealer casino reviews, tips, strategies, and other content roulette players need.

We explain everything from the basic rules of the game to advanced roulette strategy. Our team of mathematical analysts ensures our roulette strategies are sound, robust, and profitable.

What Is Our Mission?

The RouletteTrip Mission is to assist in the education of new and seasoned online roulette players. Roulette is a numbers game, and we believe in teaching players to follow the math over their gut.

Our focus is centered on separating gambling from betting. We educate players on betting with your head, not your heart, working the odds, and deploying a winning strategy. That’s what we’re all about here at RouletteTrip.

How Are Bonuses Classified?

With dozens and dozens of online casinos out there, vying for your money, casino bonuses are abundant. Virtually every casino offers attractive welcome bonuses for new players, on top of promotions and offers for returning players.

Weighing the perks of each casino bonus can get complicated. We’ve put together a handy catalog of the best casino roulette bonus offers in 2020. Be sure to check it out!


If roulette is your game, RouletteTrip is your home on the web. We continuously update the website with new strategies, tips, casino roulette reviews, and more.

Check back often for new information on the best casinos roulette bonus offers. Don’t forget to read our latest roulette strategies for 2020 as well.

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